Wht hight chathurika peiris - Windows validating tool

Please download the newest version and ensure that your system clock is accurate".

OK the above statement says that the tool has expired. So called Microsoft three of their techs accused me of Pirating windows.

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(Even with all security settings set to min., makes no difference) I have downloaded fresh, (same size as the old version), Genuine from the Microsoft site with the same error results..no longer supported. My Xp version computer shows this error and also my wife's computer.

I did update my patches from the Update site OK, just could not download the files for any of them. The full error when running the Genuine tool (Even a new download of this tool) is: "This version of the windows genuine advantage tool is no longer supported. Uninstaller, searched the computer and the registry and deleted all found Firefox entries that Revo did not delete. I ran Auto Runs and there in nothing showing Mozilla or Firefox.....(Used Auto Runs since it came out...great program! Tried the new downloaded ..still showing the full error as shown in my last reply.

From the error message now from this tool, it seems that the tool needs updated.

For a test I let windows install the active x control.

When active x first came out, Microsoft phoned home with this control installed. Because of this I refused to use the active x control, instead using the tool.

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