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It's one that will be played at my grandma's memorial service. The best of times ( la cage aux folles ) Not rated yet Well my partner and I were into theatre presentation in a big way... Jesus, take the wheel - Carrie Underwood Not rated yet It was a blessing for me to sing that song at my Grandfathers church. He passed away last year on Christmas Eve at night. If tomorrow never comes - Garth Brooks Not rated yet I was a widow at 28 and our son was 7 months old.

It could be used in many parts of a service, we're using it during … I'm Gonna Love You Through It - Martina Mc Bride Not rated yet My Aunty passed away from battling breast cancer for 10 years and this was one of the songs played at her funeral. Always look on the bright side of Life Not rated yet Worked with Paul for 30 years, he took early retirement and started a coffee shop and watch repair/ jewellery business. When he died there was no other choice than this song It says it all... The promise by Tracy Chapman, Hard to say goodbye to yesterday by Boys II Men, If I had only known by Reba Mc Entire, If you came back from Heaven by Lori Morgan, Time in a bottle by Jim Croche. Garth's song "If tomorrow never comes" had just started playing on the radio. No One is Alone from the play Into The Woods Not rated yet This will be my message to my children when I pass on. We keep the memory of Corey in our hearts and he loves us and … Welcome Me (To The City of Angels) by Joan Baez Not rated yet Whilst I have not heard this track played at a funeral, I think it is a very appropriate one. Lisa Gerrard) by Josiah Brooks Not rated yet I used to think I had it all From day to day I had all I thought I needed a broken heart a empty home but when you came into my life my heart said …

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It's a song you haven't heard for a while but it brings back lots of memories of good times or sad times.

It reminds you of a certain person or a special time in your life..... Quite often the songs or music that get played at a funeral are specially selected by the family and friends of the deceased because it was a favourite song or the lyrics describe exactly what they are feeling about the special person who has passed away.

When I heard this I knew it was the perfect one for the … You'll Be There sung by George Strait played at Johnny Keith Dlouhy's (JD's) funeral My Mema had 12 kids; 6 boys, 6 girls (my mom's one of the six).

Gentle Soul - Cesar Marquez & Juan Del Castillo in memory of Robbie Cormier. The word "Brother" can be substituted with "Mother", "Sister", "Father", etc. This was one of the songs played at my uncle jd's funeral. The Odes Project: New Music From The First Christian Hymnal A friend told me his mother-in-law passed away, and his wife was having a hard time looking for music for the funeral, so I gave him a copy of of The Odes …

While ex-gay activist Mike Ensley insults gay Christian singer Ray Boltz, former ex-gay Peterson Toscano points to a much more graceful and life-affirming attitude by Boltz’s ex-wife, Carol Boltz.

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