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To update Firefox along with other Update run following commands Update Firefox with latest available version in Ubuntu.

especially when security patches come every few weeks. Then again perhaps you haven't had as many updates from various programs (including fx) mess up your system and cause you a lot of extra work and grief as I have over many years. They used to just advise users that there was a new version and leave the decision up to them.

I'd rather leave the updates on and only get a major version once a year.

it will automatically download and process that update. when I click on "Check for Updates" they all display "something" letting me know that there's an update (or not) available BUT in all cases I can choose not to proceed.

99% of the users out there will assume that all it's doing is Checking and nothing more... Even within Firefox I have the auto-updating turned off for all my but I can click on "Check for Updates" and it will provide info on which ones have updates..any...

Refresh a Web page and bypass the cache by holding "Shift" and "Ctrl," and then pressing the "R" key.

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