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your activity is only allocated 20 hours to finish) – Use Physical Percent is manually entered and is based on personal judgment on the completion of a work/activity product.

P6 does not calculate this for you as it is offered as a subjective and customizable option “Update progress” refers to the manual entry and statusing of your project to its most current condition.

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In the details pane, on the bottom layout, you can select these options under the general tab: – Use Duration Percent when an activity is timeframe driven (ex.

your project has strict deadlines so you record progress based on work days remaining) – Use Units Percent when an activity is dependent work-effort (ex.

Activity duration updates denotes the passage of time from the start date, not actual work accomplished on the activity Scheduling software will adjust the remaining duration in order to yield the entered percentage complete Estimating a percentage of work or time complete is an inexact science Activity managers and schedulers are accustomed to estimating remaining duration Subjectivity of percent complete estimates becomes more apparent the longer the activity’s duration Statusing progress entails updating either durations or work.

It includes updating the status of remaining work and network logic.

Statusing involves updating the schedule with actual facts and comparing those facts against a plan, such as events on certain dates and the progress of work with a certain number of resources.

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