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Or maybe you’ve bought something in the January sales that has led you to seriously question your capacity to make a decent or sane purchasing decision?

Have you signed up to loads of new classes, are you eating more healthily and sworn to be more outdoorsy?

Those with gift receipts must be feeling pretty smug right now being able to avoid that rather awkward conversation with the gift-giver (we’ve all been there).

’ The sell: The consumer is often offered the item(s) for free for a certain period of time and told that only postage and packaging will be charged.

The reality: Unfortunately, in many cases the consumer doesn’t realise that these are actually subscription services that will incur significant monthly charges unless the consumer opts out before the end of the ‘free trial’ period.

We receive a number of complaints every year from consumers who have signed up to dating websites but after a few months have flown by they forget about the automatic renewal of the membership and they’re now locked into another year’s subscription.

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