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Grow up." and was one of a number of celebrities to criticize Simon Cowell's handling of Susan Boyle, stating "It will torture her for the rest of life.

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People will be surprised…They’re a heavy metal band so everyone’s going to panic, but Metallica are great. They’ll be fantastic, trust me.”Continue reading: Metallica Will Be "Fantastic" At Glastonbury, Says Kasabian's Tom Meighan In Somerset, Glastonbury was in full swing but further East a different festival drew its own thousands.

Rock fans flocked to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London's Stratford to attend Hard Rock Calling: a two day festival hosting massive names in rock 'n' roll.

He sings lead vocals on the majority of the band's recordings, has a baritone vocal range and does not play any instruments within the group, apart from tambourine on occasion and guitar on live renditions of 'The Nightworkers' Meighan has also contributed lead vocals to the songs "Viva La Revolution" by Superevolver and the Lysergic Suite's "Ghosts on Crusade." He was a guest vocalist on the Dark Horses track, "Count Me In,", Meighan has also appeared onstage with Zak Starkey's band Penguinsrising.

In 2013, Meighan began a project with rapper Wottee Watnot (Andrew Wattie) called Mic Rockers, described as "a hip hop/rock collaboration." The first video from the duo, "Mic Rockers," was released on November 13, 2013.

However, win or lose – and it seems increasingly likely that it will be a win – the indie rock group, who hail from the city, will perform in front of 30,000 fans at the club’s King Power Stadium on May 28th. Continue reading: Kasabian Announce Plans For Huge Celebration Gig At Leicester City's Stadium Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Kasabian - Burberry 'London in Los Angeles' event held at Griffith Observatory - Arrivals at Griffith Observatory - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 16th April 2015According to The Sun, the 33-year-old – who does not drive – had to take his father Tom Sr to hospital after the freak accident.

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