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To make them stand out without competing directly with Fender's existing domestic models, these U.

S.-bound Squier models were given '70s features and touted as the first instruments ever "officially authorized" to borrow from Fender's classic designs.

The USA guitars have an "E" for those made at the end of '89 and a "N" for those made in the begining of 1990.

Some had six didget serial numbers stamped on the neckplate with no letter prefix and no serial number on the headstock.

An original with all factory parts and wiring would be more desired than a refinished one, keep as many as the original parts as possible. and i must say, far superior to mexi strat I've ever played Well the s976211 Squier II stratocaster that I have was bought by me in junction city ,kansas in early 1990 when I was in the army for 287.00 $ and I still play it in 2012 in korea still holds tune ,and has the best tone on bridge .definately a keeper Post a picture of that sweet bass, BRL. I've been told it was made in USA by some ppl and in India by some ppl.

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