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A reoccurring theme throughout her work pertains to men that feel a sense of entitlement over animals similar to women who abuse, exploit, or degrade women for their bodies.

In Adam’s Animals and Women Feminist Theoretical Explorations, she argues that the social context behind female oppression and sexual violence has a direct tie to the way humans mistreat other species.

Humorously, yet also very commendably, Adams was chosen as one of "20 Badass Veg Women Who Are Making History" by a website called

Others among the list were the once world number one for women's tennis, Venus Williams and Ellen De Generes, from the Ellen De Generes Show.

Given current speciesism, individuals use non-human animals for their production, i.e.

cows for milk, hens for eggs, or female dog to breed more puppies.

She graduated from there with a BA in 1972, and obtained her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School in 1976.

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