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While expecting our sons, I began eating healthy, faithfully followed doctors orders, and eagerly read through all the parenting magazines trying to ensure a healthy baby. Getting ready to bring home baby makes you see your home in a whole new way. Seemingly innocuous items like the mini-blinds suddenly became choking hazards! Don't even get me started on proper feeding, medications, and the ever present threat of germs (I actually kept hand sanitizer handy for all those visitors that wanted to hold my baby).

Uncovered outlets are there to tempt small fingers. The toddler years are a joy, but bring with them a whole host of new child safety risks to consider.

You can find out more about this by clicking here or by going to violent or aggressive towards another person because of who they are is intolerable.

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But even though you may try your best to keep your child healthy and safe, it is not always easy to know exactly what to do - especially when your child is injured. We hope you find our website useful and informative.

Keeping your child safe is one of the most vital issues to consider during child rearing.

Since children don't come with childcare how-to manuals, this guide is a compilation of first-hand experience, lessons learned, and information gathered while raising our own children to help answer those child safety questions all parents have.

Like most parents, my husband and I constantly worry over the safety and well being over our children, and have been doing so since before they were born.

Verbal aggression, including that motivated by hate, can rapidly escalate into physical violence so the safest thing may be to remove yourself from the situation or to help others to do so, as quickly as possible.

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