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If you have played any games that you think should be added, I'll check them out and add them to the list if they do indeed stick out.I want to get some discussion going about these games and bring attention to some of these strange wonders that are coming out.

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However, not all is safe here in the world of dreams, as there are nightmare areas and stalkers of sorts who will try to catch you, and will wake you up from your dream the moment you're caught.

The game has a lot of symbolism and does a great job capturing the feeling of a dream.

Note: Though this topic was mainly made with the thought of discussing developed RPG Maker gems, feel free to ask questions or share your own progress on development of games made in the program, or other RPG Maker related discussions.

In my goal to play every horror game out there, I recently have stumbled upon some small niche audience that I didn't even know existed and was at first confused by; a cult audience of people following and making RPG Maker games. It even has had console versions, and traces all the way back to 1992 (technically 1988), essentially being one of the easiest game creation tools used to make 2D RPG games in a simplified matter that's like a mixture between a sim game in itself of game creation, and an actual game creation tool.

While many are often based on dreams, this also includes story-based games where the story and exploring are the main points of the game. v=9Mcp_XX0ews Yume Nikki is a free adventure game about dreams.

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