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Definitely a toy rather than a real kid-sized instrument, this guitar has buttons along its neck instead of strings that emit different sounds in each of the four modes. ) Finally, the Karaoke button plays one of three top 40 hits— Destiny’s Child’s "Survivor," Hilary Duff’s "Come Clean," or Christina Aguilera’s "What a Girl Wants." Girls can plug the included headset into the guitar and sing along with their favorite stars or create their own lyrics to self-composed tunes.

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David Gilmour remains one of the absolute masters of the electric guitar, with a pristine clean sound, impeccable bends and an extremely tasteful phrasing.

Boss Gibson Guitar World Zoom Акустические гитары Биографии Блюз Гитарные педали Гитарные процессоры Дисторшн Звукозапись Звукосниматели Игорь Бойко Интервью Комбоусилители Концерты Мастер-класс Музыкальная карьера Пентатоника Программы Рецензии Сделай сам Стив Вай Тэппинг Уроки Уроки игры Усилители Фестивали Электрогитары педали эффектов   Brain Damage (Dark Side Of The Moon, 1973) - sequence by Sc AJ1   Comfortable Numb (The Wall, 1979)   Echoes (Meddle, 1971)   Final Cut, The (The Final Cut, 1983)   Great Gig In The Sky, The (Dark Side Of The Moon, 1973) - sequence by Pete Clark   Have A Cigar (Wish You Were Here, 1975)   Hey You (The Wall, 1979) - sequence by Rick Marelli1   High Hopes (The Division Bell, 1994)   Is There Anybody Out There?

Taylor Swift has Swiftie, Katy Perry has Katy Cat, Carrie Underwood has Care Bear, Avril Lavigne has Little Black Star, etc.

This guitar operates via four "AA" batteries or a jack that plugs into a home stereo or amplifier and is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

--Cristina Vaamonde See all Product Description She is only 3, but thrilled to have her own guitar after seeing the barbie diaries previews. There is nothing more disappointing to a child as when the toy they've been waiting for comes out of the box inoperable.

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