Photostream not updating on pc

Recent celebrity attacks may have come from a vulnerability in i Cloud (albeit one that Apple already patched), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some control over where your photos are going when they’re being sent to the ominous sounding ‘cloud’.

Consider Photo Stream, i Cloud Backup, and i OS 8.1’s newest addition, i Cloud Photo Library, along with the alternatives, to see what’ll work best for you.

For added safety, you can encrypt files in cloud storage with services like Boxcryptor and Cloudfogger.

You can activate the i Cloud Photo Library by going to and making sure it’s turned on.

It seems like the perfect solution, considering that the Camera Roll doesn’t automatically sync photos, and Photo Stream only keeps up to 1000 photos or for 30 days, whichever comes first.

You can turn on your Photo Stream without having the i Cloud Backup enabled and access your photos, while turning on your i Cloud Backup and turning off your Photo Stream will still give you backups of your photos, although it’ll be the ones from your Camera Roll.

Using the i Cloud Photo Library means they’ll sync and save everywhere.

Apple’s known for its generally easy to use OS X and i OS operating systems, but services like i Cloud Backup, your Photo Stream, and the most recently added i Cloud Photo Library (still in beta) can be a bit of a grey area for many i Phone owners (especially celebrities, apparently).

Last modified 12-Jul-2018 22:22