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The Space Pack's border is plastic compared with the Juice Pack Plus's rubber border, so it doesn't have quite as much grip.

The Space Pack even added more talk-time than the 2,100m Ah Juice Pack Plus (7 hours, 23 minutes) and Unu's 2,300m Ah DX Protective Battery Case (7 hours, 53 minutes).

Conclusion Mophie's Space Pack adds more battery life to your i Phone than any other battery case we've tested in the 1,700m Ah range so far, and it even encroaches on cases with larger 2,100m Ah battery.

With this case, you get the choice between 16GB ($149.99) and 32GB ($179.99) of built-in extra storage capacity; the company said a 64GB model will be available in late July for $249.99.

All Space Packs work like any USB flash drive: You transfer documents and media from your computer onto the case's flash memory, which your computer recognizes as a separate storage device.

Down the road we'll be leveraging this technology much more deeply to ensure that women can continue enjoy the service and men are kept on their best behaviour -- but our greater benefit is that conversations happen within Tingle.

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