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Even on weeknights, these young jetsetters can be found at one of the quirky bars along the Piccadilly tube line stretching from Holborn to Piccadilly Circus. Pre-gaming usually starts when it’s still light out.

A rabbit warren of wonder, a labyrinth of delight; this subterranean Covent Garden bar thrills with its architectural delights, food & drinks from above and service that will make you smile.

Once a wine cellar of such repute, Dukes were murdered to gain access, this bar now calls upon the spirit of those heady days and treats them to the service and food & drink of champions, albeit in a slightly more casual manner and with significantly less slaying.

Although technically a pub, the burgundy sofas and gold-framed paintings evoke an old-world charm.

For those over 21 and feeling a tad cheeky, The Warwick also hosts speed dating nights before metamorphosing into a dance floor.

“Secret” underground parties from Great Gatsby-esque speakeasies to cozy parlors have also been analyzed, scrutinized and examined until they are no longer secret.

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