charge dating site - Houston interracial dating

I’m a 35 year-old white man living in Austin, TX, and I’ve dated black women sporadically since I moved here three years ago.

They’re seeing women who look just like them happily dating and married to non-black men, and this at first causes cognitive dissonance, and then curiosity, and then excitement to learn that the very men whom they were taught were off limits are a viable dating option for them.

As a woman married 12 years to a Slavic/German man just like yourself, I have to be honest, I thought at one point my husband would be black.

It’s all totally new to me, but I’ve rolled with it under the theory that black women are women and they all just want men in their lives, black or not.

I grew up in Houston and encountered very few interracial couples or signs that black women were interested in being with anyone other than black men.

It never occurred to me that black women would even have the slightest interest in white guys, especially a Slavic/German (read: ultra white) guy like me.

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