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東京 行き 💕 ❁Name: Kat ❁Age: 17 ❁B-Day: 1/10 ❁Zodiac: Capricorn ❁Favorite Song: Teen Idle ❁Prefers the Villains over the Heros any day (except for Saitama.) ❁ Shoutouts To My Beautiful Humans ❁ Kitkay234 M_e_r_m_a_i_d_ Hotcupcakes678 Flamboyant Scientist ❁ Social Media ❁ Other Wattpad: Personal_Heroine Kik Messenger: Ask for it~ Tumblr: native-heroine ❁ Currently Working On ❁ Road To Glory [Diabolik Lovers] Life Is Beautiful Series Epilogue [Diabolik Lovers] ❁ Achievements ❁ 100 Followers ✔ 200 Followers ✔ 300 Followers ✔ 400 Followers ✔ 500 Followers ✔ 600 Followers ✔ 700 Followers 800 Followers 900 Followers 1000 Followers " This is your time, you better take it, you better never let it go." ~SWS " There is a hell, believe me I've seen it. Nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain." ~GNR " Shut up Eren and look at all of these big ass trees." ~ Ravioli at sometime probably. ßh8ñ4æ Þəñßə8 My favorite Akatsuki member from the 6 partners is Kisame Hoshigaki B-) I agree with Deidara's point of view on art... Occasionally drifting off to RPG : D Absolute Favourite game mainly cause of the story. I like action, adventure, animated and comedy movies.

You have just learned that Grimmjow and Aizen are dating!

Grimmjow to the Soul King: how to make Ichigo fall in love with you You have just learned that Ichigo and Grimmjow are dating!

What sort of contract did Grimmjow and Urahara make?

You have just learned that Hinamori and Grimmjow are dating!

Anime- Attack on Titan (Ereri) Black butler Death note Ouran high school host club Say, I love you Naruto Bleach (Ulqui Hime) Fullmetal alchemist Future diary Soul eater Hetalia Durarara!! (Rin Haru) Tokyo ghoul Fairy tail (Na Lu) Blue exorcist One piece Kekkaishi Cowboy bebop Kaichou wa maid-sama Love stage!! He's my fav lol If you follow me I follow back too! (I post drawings every now and then in case you wanted to know.) Hey I like lots of things - music - anime -art -writing -movies If you want to know more about me, then read my " About Me" book. I am 16 years old, my bday is a special day ;) My favorite colour is green *.* åņđ I like polar bears cause they cute and dangerous like me : D My absolute favourite anime's are Đragon Ball Z & Åkame Ga Kill I love love love the Akatsuki and I think the baby Goku is sooo kawaii ^.^ I listen to mainly rock, instrumental and EDM My favorite bands are ¤ Thousand Foot Krutch ¤ Skillet ¤ Disturbed ¤ Breaking Benjamin etc I'm pretty chilled but mess with anyone I care about, I will beat you.

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