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More information about specifying the canonical version of a page.

We're always working to increase the update frequency for your verified sites' data, such as crawl, index, and search query stats.

In addition, there may be a lag between when the numbers are calculated and when they are visible to webmasters - although data gets published in intervals, we are continually collecting it.

You can tell us whether you prefer for your site to be indexed with or without the www by setting your preferred domain.

You can also let everyone else know which version you prefer by doing a site-wide 301 redirect.

Search Console / Webmaster Tools Verification Crawling, indexing & ranking Sitemaps Video Sitemaps Malware and hacked sites Rich Snippets Internationalisation Who are the Bionic Posters? " These posts are less likely to get our attention (because, let's face it, would you really want to see a whole forum filled with subject lines like that? Including your URL in your post, and showing that you've made an effort to read our documentation (Help Center, blog, FAQs) before posting, is more likely to get you a response.

Webmaster Central Office Hours #contact-google Q: How can I contact someone at Google about my site's performance? Googlers regularly read the forum, investigate the issues that you report, and—to the extent possible—reply to posts. We have other options on our Additional support page for specific issues such as reporting spam or requesting a malware review. We haven't updated the Page Rank displayed in Google Toolbar in well over a year.

Google will crawl the Pages according to which we have set the Frequency to Google Crawl the Pages.(Like Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

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