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) So artist Jianfeng did an amazing job and Gregor loved it!! Robertson, 50, is now dating a Chinese pop star, according to civic blogger Frances Bula.

“According to extremely reliable sources (this is not gossip), he is currently seeing Wanting Qu, a 31-year-old Chinese popular-music star who has a lot of buzz in Vancouver,” Bula posted on her blog on Tuesday.

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I believe in the legal process, and that they will give mom a fair and just judgment.” The absence of a final verdict, however, has not stemmed online commentary from the Chinese community.

Comments on the two newly released songs on Qu’s You Tube channel has been disabled, but the negative reaction to Qu and Zhang has manifested elsewhere in the Chinese cybersphere.

Despite being Archer’s junior by two generations and experiencing years of post-secondary schooling in metropolises great distances from Invermere, Alan’s vocabulary, speech patterns and outlook match those of Archer, his grandfather and the rest of the townsfolk.

As though to scrub Alan clean of city and grad school airs, Wilson regrettably erases any explanation of Alan’s transformative decade away from home, leaving only a few tearful or angry scenes of relationship discord with a girlfriend as he stares mournfully at the title of his unfinished thesis.

The mayor’s office said late Tuesday that Robertson’s personal life is not a matter they will comment on. As the title of his debut novel, , suggests, Wilson remains securely within his stylistic and geographic comfort zone.

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