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When two men or two women go on a date, and one pays, there is the inevitable perception that one of them is taking on the traditional masculine role while the other is "wearing the skirt." Same-sex couples are thus forced to deal with the confusion of keeping with ideas of modern times in the institution of dating.

Modern vernacular has also made our pursuits of love and relationships more confusing than ever.

In the 21st century, men and women alike can pose the first question for a date or phone number. In a time when men and women are perceived as equals, paying for a date becomes a complicated matter.

Now a couple must consider who asked whom for the date, if traditional chivalry should decide that the man will pay, or even how well the two individuals are acquainted.

The guy may think they are floating together through the tunnel of love, while she might have no clue of his romantic intentions and think of him as only a friend.

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