Dating a scorpio man and cancer woman

You can get new info about couple's relationships, sexual fulfillment, the cosmos, the future, and global happenings at Christofer's new website at: With these two caring about so many of the same values and being willing to invest their considerable personal power and intensity to anything they try, this could be something to behold.

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There is too much tension pulsating from both of them. If it doesn't work then it really FEELS like its not working. You guys may not know it depends on when the cancer or scorpio lies. The woman of who has my love is a Scorpio.our relationship is full of respect...laughter and beautiful silences.

There is a such thing cause cusp which changes everything you're reading. My relashionship with him were extremely challenging. We BOTH adore each other and understand each other beyond words.

THAT is not for the weak of heart when a Scorpion goes off on you there is nothing but pain coming your way. It was great right in the beggining and it became terrible at the end.

I must say when we are on we are perfectly in sync...feel and flow with the ease of our breaths BUT if she ever feels jealous or hurt by me there is no reasoning with her until she calms herself...yes, they are favs for hanging up on you..."breaking up" with you and then returning like nothing has happened..can take its toll if not checked and nobody NOBODY keeps a Scorpion in check like a Cancer ;-)we love the challenge we give each other there is never a dull my perfect match and life would be totally droll with out her in it. Scorpio men are insecure,secretive, they can't make their mind, they afraid of any commitment and responsibilities. They don't want to marry a girl (because it benefits them financially) and at the same time they don't want to let the girl go.

Every relationship take work.very few have the depth, love, commitment/dedication, tenacity and passion of a Scorpion and Cancer union. As a result even they like you they play head games with you and watch how you react. Cancer women - they are very intuitive and can very easy "see through" Scorpio men.

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