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is a woman whose sense of self-worth has been heavily influenced by her relationship with the first man in her life -- her father.These women are the apples of their father's eye -- adored and cherished.That comparison really trumps any other argument I could possibly make, but I’ll continue on to prove my point anyway.

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Ultimately, it’s this honesty that helps you grow to be the amazing person he always knew you could be. Looking for a car while yours is out of commission? He’s so proud of you and your accomplishments that bursting the ear drums of the audience members next to him is a non-issue.

Most people look at their Check Engine light and see dollar signs. No matter the problem, he’s there to help you find the best solution. As a human being, you’ll be forced to make a major life decision at least once a year.

You grow to like the stores that have sections for both men and women because this means you can shop for your favorite stuff at the same time.

You get honest opinions (as mentioned in point 4) so you never have to worry that your shopping buddy is secretly sabotaging your attempt at achieving the perfect look for this year’s spring fling. However, when you’re a daddy’s girl, you’ve had one since you made your first fabulous appearance on Earth. He’ll always accept your apologies and will always make time for you no matter how hectic his schedule gets. Because you two are best friends and that’s just what you do.

Having received male caring and devotion all of their lives, they have come to expect it in all of their relationships -- especially those with other males.

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