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At Any Age." An avid exercise enthusiast she loves to hike big mountains, bike long trails and swim in warm oceans.

She and her life partner, Mark Donadio have explored 16 countries in the last six years.

Samar works with clients of all ages and is passionate about assisting children and families through transitions.

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And then from that place of inner greatness, attract, create and enjoy the love greatness that is out there waiting for them.

Samar believes that therapy is an exchange process between two experts: the client is an expert in their own life story and the therapist is an expert in psychological and practical life strategies.

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Tune into this episode to find out how you can be your own (S)expert and learn how your sexuality shows up in every area of your life. She is a licensed therapist, academic, and bona fide (S)expert. Juliana has spent decades counseling and supporting thousands of women on their paths to discover and own their sexual agency.

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