Consolidating library external hard drive

This ensures that any new content you download or rip into i Tunes will get transferred to the new location. After you change your preferences, i Tunes may or may not prompt you on whether you'd like to have your library organized and moved to the new location. You'll see a window with options for consolidating and organizing your library.

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Typically, PC users will find their original i Tunes library content in this directory: C:\Documents and Settings\"USERNAME"\My Documents\My Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Music The default i Tunes library folder for Mac users is: /Users/"USERNAME"/Music/i Tunes/i Tunes Music Of course, we advise that you be cautious whenever you delete something from your computer.

It's never a bad idea to back up your i Tunes library using either Time Machine on a Mac or the "Back Up To Disc" feature in the i Tunes File menu (located within the Library submenu) on a PC.

Even though your old files are long gone, i Tunes will not delete its record of the file simply because it can't be found.

If you try to play one of these missing files in i Tunes, you'll get a prompt asking if you'd like to locate the file. Once your external drive is connected back to your computer and you've relaunched i Tunes, all your files will play just fine.

If you're an i Tunes user whose appetite for music, movies, and podcasts is outstripping the capacity of your computer, it might be a good time to think about offloading that library to an external hard drive or a separate internal drive.

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