Blind dating 2016 online good dating spots in nyc

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But closing the door to online dating left me searching for other ways to meet new people. It wasn’t a new technological trend; it didn’t require me to pay a monthly fee or fill out a profile. I’d always rolled my eyes when well-meaning church ladies suggested setting me up.

But as age 30 crept closer, I opened myself up to blind dates. Although the first eight dates proved mostly awkward and sometimes mortifying, I still appreciated being set up.

At these sites, as well as major ones like e Harmony and Match, singles have thousands of potential dates at their fingertips, to the point that it’s difficult to know where to look and who to pick.

Dating portals put the responsibility on the individual to do the searching and selecting.

In a society where unmarried adults are more autonomous than ever, it makes sense that we’ve taken on dating as a solo endeavor.

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