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WWE used the real-life drama between the trio as a storyline throughout 20, which led to Dumas being booed by the fans for the first time and her character becoming villainous on-screen.

The relationship also led to the firing of Hardy in 2005, although he was rehired later that year.

Shane morton is musician with which she had started dating.

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She began taking judo classes and started wrestling.

Dumas first became interested in wrestling after watching Rey Mysterio, Jr., a Mexican luchador, wrestle on an episode of World Championship Wrestling's WCW Monday Nitro.

Originally, she was paired with Essa Rios, but she achieved her greatest push alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy as Team Xtreme.

Throughout her career, she won the WWE Women's Championship four times.

She traveled to Mexico in 1998 to learn more about the sport and how to wrestle.

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