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Only 27 percent of the rural population receives water around the clock, 37 percent have access to drinking water for 12 or more hours per day, and 36 percent - less than 12 hours a day, according to the Kyrgyz government report.And, where water is available, it's the women and girls who bear the brunt of fetching water for the entire household.Nude Sexy Girl, Hot, Sexy Bitch, In Tajikistan, Women Fill a old naked Tajik women.

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Fertilizers, pesticides and livestock contaminate the rivers, irrigation canals and ponds that people use for drinking water.

Since Tajikistan is one of the poorest and least developed countries of the region, the government does not have the funds to improve the situation and lacks the policies and enforcement capability to ensure clean drinking water reaches its citizens.

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Youth in Tajikistan constitute the bulk of the population.

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