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It’s their infuriating poise and inscrutable sensuality that has captivated us for centuries.

“A comparison of Amazons to Angels,” is how Thomas Jefferson characterized the difference between the liberated Frenchwomen (he was scandalized by them) and the virtuous American maidens of his time.

obtained with each new level of physical and/or sexual conduct/contact in any given interaction”] is almost unthinkable in France. Of course there is adultery in France, but the difference between France and the States is that in France, the extramarital partner lasts a long time, whereas in the States it’s often a one-night stand.

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You have much more “homo-sociality” in your culture.

That’s changing now, of course, with your culture of absolute equality for all: You have American women who are soldiers, policemen, etc. Men and women generally can’t coexist in your culture unless the differences between the sexes are strongly diminished.

The major difference between Frenchwomen and American women can be summarized as follows: The French are marathoners and the Americans are sprinters. Whereas in France, the French would never want that. I don’t want to comment on American politics since I am not an expert in political science.

But the Clinton marriage has nothing mysterious: It is a political alliance.

You mention that love and sex are not necessarily the same thing.

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