Sex came dating an older partner

A cut in the tip of the penis Balanitis Blood coming out of the penis Burning sensation on the penis Burning sensation on the top of my penis Can piles affect the penis?

Sex came-31

I spent two weeks in Vienna about a month ago where we were very sexually active. He came home for the weekend and we got a little adventurous.

We made love in a field by his house, it was dark and as far as I could tell everything was fine.

He is back in Vienna and I am extremely worried as now he can hardly walk and is in immense pain. Is it possible that he got a sexually transmitted disease from me? Well, it seems pretty clear that the blood is coming from him. It's interesting that you're worried that he might have caught this disorder from you.

I am more concerned that you may now have caught something from him. I understand that Vienna has excellent venereology services, so I urge you to phone or email him and tell him to see a specialist right away.

I was telling my good friend about this new state of being as I was relaxing on her bed in her new apartment, but it didn’t seem like she was paying me much heed.

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