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But I will be honest here and some of you might hate me for saying this but I would not be all that sad or mad if my tumblr got taken down all of a sudden.It would not stop me from animating because not sure if anyone realized it or noticed it yet but this is pretty much my job at this point. And it is without a doubt a job I absolutely love doing and hope to keep it that way.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Education / The Federal University Of Technology Akure(futa) 2015/2016 Admission Session (264007 Views) The Federal University Of Technology Akure (FUTA) 2016/2017 Admission Session / Federal University Of Technology Akure(futa) 2014/2015 Admission Session / Federal University Of Technology Akure(futa) 2013/2014 Admission Session (1) (2) (3) (4) It is with God's grace and support that help us through The Federal University of Technology Akure 2014/2015 admission process created by me(bodmas). I have 3 questions to ask nd pls I need correct infos abt dis.1)are we to pay skul fees 1st b4 we can able 2 upload our documents online.2) I heard abt online we have paid our skul fees 1st b4 we can do the online reg?

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ANYWAYS I am just going to keep posting stuff until I get the dmca notice myself. Va models head because I was not happy with the way I animated her face and how it looked in the original.

So over the weekend this animation when through some changes and I just wanted to show and ask you guys which one you like better. So redid the animations with her face and head movement and added her mech and gun in that version as well to make up for my lame ass scenery in all my animations lol.. Va Face, Mech And Gun With Black Cum Also is it just me or is Bastion op? So my question is do you like the original or the re-done one(with the black cum that I cannot fix)better for the final version?

Feel free to ask any question conserning FUTA precisely about SET. I believe everyone that follows this thread this year should be considered for admission as long as you use the information given here appropriately.

By God's we will provide you reasonable and beneficial answers. Proudly Neamesite Proudly futarian Using this Medium to wish all JAMBITES success in their Exams.

This article explains how the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) tax is calculated and how it automatically stops when the limit is reached.

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