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This movie delivers all the above at the highest level.

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Don't be fooled by the Groot looking monster, this is not a young kids film.

I liked the way the stories were told in showing the characters true natures.

In fact, although I generally like movies with Robert De Niro, I suggest you skip this one. I hope that they can pull it off without making it cheezy.

It was about a washed up comedian in the vein of Lennie Bruce. At the end his young daughter picked up the theme and I became disgusted. Didn't like the ending so much, but this sequel kind of leaves the door open for another, kind of.

The combat scenes were gory and frighting to see, similar to Saving Private Ryan. At the end of the movie, there were short interviews to those who fought in the war. Muddled story that lumbers along until the final majestic battle scene that somewhat makes the whole thing worth watching.

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