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Labeled female at birth, Steven Hammond lived for 25 years as a female -- a boy imprisoned in the trappings of a girl. "It was the first time I'd revealed myself to a doctor. If he or his nurses noticed anything unusual about the infant Hammond, they didn't press hard to do something about it. Six weeks later, my mother, Christine, and father, Floyd, moved our family of five children to Jackson County, Ky. There wasn't money for the essentials then, much less medical help. My mother tried to raise the family the best she could, but there was barely enough to eat.

This is the story of the life of Linda Jean and the birth of Steven at age 25. In 1981, Linda Jean Hammond (I was known as "Linda Jean"), 25, stepped into the Richmond office of Dr. I'd been to a doctor for an ear ache and an infected hand but had never had a complete physical. I knew my secret was going to be revealed, a secret I'd held in all my life. Floyd's sister noticed "Linda used the bathroom funny" when she diapered the baby.

I wants to adopt a child and provide stability for my family. Looking Beyond the Mountains A book written by Steven Hammond.

Like most of us, I dream of getting a little extra out of life. Here is the story of how Linda Jean Hammond became Steven Hammond after surgery to correct a genital birth defect.

"I figured he would know without asking me so many questions.

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