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Then they see normal people, not so driven, and tell themselves that they are not damaged, but rather the other people are stupid to not try to advance their own position by screwing others.

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I would assume the worst – that I was facing an astonishingly human-like machine, programmed to screw me over at every turn, while trying to look normal, and hide all of this from me.

That way, I may be pleasantly surprised to be off in my prediction, but I wouldn’t be caught sleeping.

They are damaged, in a way that they become panicked if they do not do certain things – regardless of whether those things are logical.

So they are driven to hurt others by an envy which will destroy them if they do not yield to its whim.

The bottom line is, if you have noticed something moderately wrong, especially in a young Narcissist, you have just out-composed Mozart, in a music composing competition – even though you know nothing of music composition.

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